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Brady Center

To Prevent Gun Violence

How can Brady attract and involve activists to join their youth arm, Team Enough, in the fight against gun violence?

This Problem is Twofold

1. Young activists aged 15 - 25 feel powerless in the fight to end gun violence. Many are too young to vote, and most feel like signing petitions and spreading the word just isn't effective enough. 

2. Gun advertising is banned on YouTube, but the gun industry exploits this law by paying influencers to promote their products in their videos.

Our Solution

Team Enough can lead the fight to close the #gunfluencer loophole by leveraging Gen-Z’s passion for revealing the truth. 

This is an Anti-Content Content Strategy.

Let's Disarm the Algorithm.

Stage 1 - Exposing the Loophole

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It's unlikely YouTube is unaware of these gunfluencers skirting their regulations. 


Team Enough & Brady will begin to expose the gunfluencer loophole by publishing an open letter directly to Youtube demanding stronger regulations on gun-related content. 

Letters to the editor (or ad buys) in the NYT, WaPo and the SF Chronicler will earn media to bring the dangerous gunfluencer loophole front and center in our national conversation. 

Team Enough will also be directly speaking to Gen Z through social campaigns across platforms like Instagram and Snapchat that identify the gunfluencer loophole.

We also know the average YouTube employee would agree with our mission to end gun violence, so Out of Home activations featuring quotes from the letter will be posted near YouTube Headquarters to apply additional pressure.

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Stage 2 - Joining the Fight

Gen Z has seen that voting and signing petitions doesn't spur change quickly enough. 


Team Enough will give Gen-Z actionable ways to get involved by making it easy to report gunfluencers on through their website, call out brands & users on twitter, and join multiple organized boycotts. 

Each action has an estimated time commitment, encouraging young activists that even a few minutes of their time can be impactful if their efforts are directed. 

Stage 3 - Celebrating Wins

The Team Enough website will post our wins when Youtube pages are removed, gunfluencers are de-platformed, and eventually when stricter restrictions are implemented on Youtube.

By sharing and celebrating each win and showcasing actual, measurable progress, Team Enough further encourages Gen Z to stay active in the fight to end gun violence.

The Team: 

AD: Caitlin Kreinheder

CBM: Taylor Sarlo

CW: Jack Franco
ST: Ed Keithly / Chynna Napper
XD: Kevin Kelleher

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