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Image by Laura Heimann


How can we position Duolingo as a supporter of a particular fandom, encouraging them to learn a new language to complement their devotion?

We thought about who might be the most passionate fandom around, and who goes to the greatest lengths for their fandom. Who is a true fanatic?

The answer we arrived at? Cosplayers. 

Cosplayers show up and show out, putting a ton of effort into their cosplays. This is why events where cosplaying is popular, such as New York Comic Con, Anime Expo, or Dragon Con, bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors year after year. 

We looked at places and trends where young cosplayers are already showing up, and we came up with the campaign 'Sailor Duo,' an integrated campaign designed to inspire Gen Z and Millennials to use Duolingo. Its core motivation is to motivate them to embark on a language learning journey in order to enhance their bonds with their favorite characters. 

The Campaign:


Duo Picrew Tiles.png

We're bringing Duo into the world of cosplay by making him an avatar on Picrew, a Japanese avatar making website. The website allows users to add their favorite anime hairstyles, features, and accessories onto Duo. 


We'll approach fans who are already watching anime, convincing them to skip the dubs and subtitles, and learn Japanese.


The dubs are never as good anyway! 


Lastly, we will host a social media competition for Duolingo fans who want to attempt the challenge of cosplaying as Duo. The best cosplayer will be flown out to New York Comic Con, to hang out at Duolingo's new booth, and hangout with Duo. 

Duo Social Mockups 1.png
Duo Social Mockups 1 (1).png
This campaign plays on the passion and creativity shown by each and every cosplayer, and combines it with the educational aspect of language learning, creating a unique cultural experience that will resonate with Gen Z and Millennial cosplayers. 

The Team: 

Strategists: Michelle Fondacaro & Max Warren

Designers: Alex Abbott & Taylor Sarlo

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