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Image by Sean Oulashin

Resort Concept

We were tasked with developing a unique, all-inclusive luxury resort for travelers looking for a new way to vacation

Research Showed Us Our Opportunity

The wellness travel market is on the rise, and is projected to be worth over $683.5 billion by 2028.1

53% of women say that their stress levels are higher than they were a year ago.2

Over 80% of women have expressed interest in travel as an escape from reality in order to focus on relaxation.2

80% of travel decisions are made by women, regardless of whether they travel with their partners, their families, friends, solo or in groups.3

The Problem Is...

The current resort industry is mostly one-note, they equate relaxation with doing nothing.

Screen Shot 2024-03-28 at 11.37.17 AM.png

Our research and interviews with professional women aged 25 - 45 showed that they don't find relaxation in doing nothing. To them, relaxation involves engagement, it's just not work related. Most resorts don't appeal to this consumer segment because they find themselves bored.

The Idea

We set out to create the first women-only all-inclusive

wellness resort in the United States.

To be successful, we know this resort needs to:

1. Provide a stimulating and memorable experience

2. Encourage creativity & pushing boundaries

3. Have a reimagined, multifaceted approach to wellness

4. Have an energizing and uplifting environment and aesthetic

5. Foster a sense of community among guests

The Luna, located on a beach front property in Big Pine Key, Florida, will be the first women-only all-inclusive wellness resort in the U.S.. The Luna believes in embracing new beginnings, growing out of your comfort zone, and keeping your mind and body active.

Our mission is to provide an uplifting space for professional women, free from societal expectations, where women can reset and empower themselves. We are dedicated to empowering our guests to push boundaries during their stay and throughout their lifelong journey.

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Online Experience

To ensure they have the best experience at The Luna, guests have the opportunity to take a personality quiz that will help generate the perfect itinerary for their stay. 

This is especially important because, heading into 2024, 73% of consumers expect companies to better personalize their services due to technological advancements.4

During their stay, guests can have the Luna app plan their entire itinerary for them based on their quiz results. They can also look at the full resort calendar of activities and classes to guide their own schedule. 

Resort Experience

All Luxury.
All Inclusive.
All Women.

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